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4:3 OR 16:10
what? very good resolution, i haven't changed anything since i tried it
4:3 OR 16:10
16:10 i use 1600x1024
why you hate cs go
AK kills with 3 bullets close range (101 in 3 in the stomach), SMGs with its running accuracy are retarded - yes. p90 meant to be like that the whole its history, and its completly balanced with its p...
why you hate cs go
deagle is completly balanced with its accuracy - hard to master. Pistols with its damage is completly retarded, yes (p250 is okay tho). I would say the real problem is that people getting those mid-ai...
24+ hours awake
you should not be doing 24+ hours of awakeness. You should just stop going to bed late, do exercises at the end of the day to feel tired more early if you don't feel sleepy early. And you should stop ...
mr juan tap
why not though? You don't do that every day
mr juan tap
ty <3
mr juan tap
r8 guys :>
Most attractive race?
Asians, especially koreans :>
looking for editor
Detroit best city?
you don't understand the whole point of this - you started with living in denial that any pros on HLTV forum are fakes, then continued with a stupid joke of a monkey and then you say you are not able ...
Detroit best city?
estonians were never smart, that's quite sad
Detroit best city?
bitch pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB08sc75vp4
Detroit best city?
why would you think so? Allu is known for reading HLTV
Detroit best city?
i could call myself ropz with 2012nd year of the reg, but no smart guy will trust in a profile registered in 2017 lmfao