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Exertus release CS:GO team
I bet this wasn't even meant to be a strategy, it was random.. but nerds like you think otherwise
cpu replacement
thx for advice man :)
cpu replacement
i can afford buying i7 and i5 if i want to, but i rather go with something cheap, dunno if i can buy both, cpu and motherboard.. I would prefer buying something that its good with this motherboard an...
cpu replacement
what about i3? can i get 250 stable fps on cs:go? right now i'm having 120-130 stable on 5vs5 and 80 on dm
Guess the winner of DHW 2013
NiP over VeryGames
Polish CS scene merges?
I feel sorry for retarded cs:go fans
Contest: fnatic vs. Na`Vi winner
GO as a sequel
same feeling here too,
Do you feel like you are wasting your life?
i don't play anymore i totally changed my life
Do you feel like you are wasting your life?
As long as u are ok with it and in the bottom of your heart u think its ok and u're not lying to yourself then you should continue without getting hurt by anyones words. For me it wasn't ok so i chan...
Breaking bad so good
its very good u should watch them
Astana Dragons on romanian TV
Its not big deal, its not even on the news, there is a separate section of that program called, "Ilikeit" witch shows random technology stuff and gaming related stuff aswell It really doesn't last mo...
Champions League Draw 2013/2014
steaua>ajax atm so stfu
Champions League Draw 2013/2014
Fc Steaua Bucurest little ignorant.