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Maikelele team?
I know, no idea why he's on the team.
Maikelele team?
the team is maikelele skytten slap atter pita
countries and their "alias"
I believe "ebola" was supposed to be the funny part. You're welcome.
who is this RPK
RpK played for VeryGames (who later became Titan) from 2010 until the beginning of 2013. He was in the first VeryGames CS:GO team with Ex6TenZ, NBK, SmithZz and kennyS. With this team he took silver a...
TaZ acting like a little child?
Anyone who has ever met and had a longer conversation with TaZ knows that he's well mature. He's funny as well, sure, but the childish acts he pulls off on camera are somewhat more for the entertainme...
Fifflaren : Retrospective on his whole career
Ah, my bad then. Though I recall NoA was a better pick than EYEBALLERS who HeatoN picked because he's friends with Red`. ;D
Fifflaren : Retrospective on his whole career
If I remember correctly, wasn't one of the players in fnatic too young for CGS? I can understand that bsl chose NoA over them as he didn't want to gamble that fnatic's dominance would remain with a ne...
Most overrated teams?
I actually think NiP is the most UNDERrated team right now. At this very moment, no one thinks they are going to do any harm at DreamHack since they collapsed on ESWC at basically only won the last ma...
f0rest name change
inb4 Na`Vi Edward is now known as Na`Vi Focus
why swedish are so good at speaking english?
"Stool" is more commonly used as a synonym for "shit" in English.
Fun laughter pic on pronax
Pansy: "you fuckers!"
"He did it to Thorin for much less inappropriate comment." LESS inappropriate?? The dude went full-retard-racism on the hosting country two days before the event. If Thorin used the term "fuckers" ...
best movement player
I'd say steel, he moved all the way to britain and back
Changes in NiP is coming very soon.
You're all wrong. NiP 2014: GeT_RiGhT f0rest Xizt friberg Fifflaren You heard it here first.
What rank is he? :Fifflaren
What did you base kHRYSTALs spot on that list on? Or do you mean the german player kRYSTAL, who (afaik) has only played one good offline tournament in his whole career (CPH Games 2012, Source)? :-)