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mousesports vs Dynasty fe
??? CGS-style? Headshots only? What the hell is this
Why some big western countries lag in Esports scene?
I'm not sure about the U.K., but in the U.S. it's almost exclusively thanks to the dominance of console gaming. Attitudes towards PC gaming have only just started turning around in the past... maybe 3...
anime recommendation
Some of my favorites that I didn't see on your list: Azumanga Daioh (slice-of-life), Tamako Market (slice-of-life/some drama), Free! (sports/slice-of-life), and Street Fighter II V (awesome)
Easiest language to learn
I'm referring to learning English, btw
Easiest language to learn
Spanish, definitely. I've always heard from ESL teachers and non-native English speakers that it's a difficult language to learn because of the general lack of structure; anyone agree with that?
left or right wing?
Social/government left, fiscal center-right
a4 vs a1
I thought this was about paper sizes at first
drinking age in ur country
Wrong; in most states, you can own a rifle or shotgun at 18, and a handgun at 21. Some states allow handgun licenses at 18, but none issue licenses to anyone under 18
Keyboard u r using now
Dell SK-8110, the poor man's mechanical keyboard
Is League good?
League is (finally) starting to die. If you're already playing Dota, just stick to that
What team do u support?
Dunno why you Euro folks like basketball so much, but hey. I follow the Philadelphia Eagles and NiP, to a lesser extent (followed them more during the VG/NiP rivalry era)
flag above you
Not a country