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i guess your dick lenght
close, but none will admit that their dick is smaller than 25cm
i guess your dick lenght
i rate 3 cities in your country
i'm still living here, i'm fakeflagging due to retards saying shit like "NO SCENE LUL", in a way that... well you can't say anything bad about Croatians.
i rate 3 cities in your country
lul Saratov is the worst city i've lived in
Flash vs Renegades
who is the best awper in 2017?
Hobbit thinks that the best awpers rn are KennyS and simple(he also said that it is 60-40% in favour of simple). But i think everyone is close to each other. KennyS, Simple, Device, Guardian, Fallen.
Get more ram obvsly. In this game the more ram you have the smoother game will be.
Leaving Russia
I was considering leaving the country but due to the bachelor degree in Humanities i can't really hope for it.
Top 5 players atm
S1mple > Allah
he mean simple is gooder than the god
dignitas vs Vega Squadron
Fun thing that those people completely forgot who asswhooped dig(16-5) in Krakow's quals.
dignitas vs Vega Squadron
Yeah, people who just barely know anything about cs would prolly bet on Dignitas(since the org is more solid)
dignitas vs Vega Squadron
They're not underdog in this match lol, Vega is obvsly better(29 than dig.
The best player of 2017
tfw brasilians think that pro teams performance affect their MM games, LUL nt
The best player of 2017
Fer=Niko=Cold either one of those or fallen(consistent fragging main awp igl this is just insane).