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Veganism Some of our ancestors have eaten meat, others not. But those two aren't mutually exclusiv...
It's normal to care about animal welfare.
You gain nothing from arguing with the children on hltv. They will continue to eat trash meat from tortured animals, because that's how they are raised and that's what they consider normal.
Bye UK : [
With some help, Denmark will join you.
Definitely. I only masturbate to pictures of Cadian these days.
Perhaps they are not turned on by lots of body hair?
-MODII +Pimp
Pimp is more toxic than moddi, and worse. Moddi is a good player.
New smartphone?
Christianity...another epic fail from the middle east.
17 yo refugee - german news at its best - lugenpresse
Those pictures look good, because despite the USSR bringing communism, it is infinitely better than islam.
17 yo refugee - german news at its best - lugenpresse
Of course it's terrible, it's full of muslims.
Real top10.
Lineups, head to head (42 - 0 - 48) Yeah VP are so much better.
EC2A best mouse?
negative: high click latency
Allu disrespect!!!
I fully support Allu, as long as we have these ridiculous female tournaments. Can females play in the regular tournament too? Sure. Can men play in their tournament? Nope, too bad. Only one tournament...