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cpu upgrade
ryzen 5 3600, on par with/better than i7-8700. msi b450m mortar max
Trump innocent?
Putting absurd amounts of time, hiding absolutely everything, battling all the way to scotus... Everything with your argument seems to be based on your perception on manner of how things have happened...
[+13] r8 her
She should not even be here.
Trump innocent?
Why do I have to refute assumptions and opinions?
Trump innocent?
Expected answer from someone with trump delusion syndrome.
Price isn't my main issue, but that it so far is useless for gaming. VR games are a niche, unlimited number of other games to play.
graphic card question
"gtx 1660 super" best value(price to performance); gtx 1070 ti if you can get a good deal; rtx 2060 as better performing gpu from listed options.
Thicc girls
It has to be steroids to get too much muscle on a girl.
Looking forward to not finding need for VR headset. p.s. anyway, now when I take it this way, this game might be more like teaser for upcoming bigger VR half life game. Because the major roadblock is ...
Thicc girls
Better thicc than skeleton. But having some muscle on is better.
half life alyx
Perhaps it'll be interesting to see if there are any convincing arguments for VR gaming created from this.
No thanks, I'm already fine with this deep of a simulation. VR- more immersion, less control.
JavaScript is the worst language
I thought something was off with me not being able to quickly grasp javascript, but I didn't think about it and just moved past it every time I attempted to read stuff on it.
hahaha, this song.
Valve logic
What if all 5 players uses ct model? Volvo needs to add more kitchens.