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New Tesla 0-100 km/h in 1.9s seconds
New tv series incoming? The car can't be for anything but a show.
Greatest game of all time ?
I love the concept of game having difficult but intuitive mechanics, that have learning curve for mastering them, Counter-Strike as prime example. It's one of main reasons why I have played it well ov...
What a society???
A random website on internet =/= society.
Seems like the trust factor is kinda broken if newcomers in CSGO get to get destroyed out of existence against toxic global elites like you.
Em what? What's the context behind this joke?
perfect girl
Is this thread propaganda for poeple to not get laid? Also what about personality, is that irrevelant?
is e-sports an actual sport?
Who cares? Watching someone else play a game is not a sport anyway. It's just a label, not concept based in geniune truth. It's called esports for convenience's sake.
source 2 comes 2 years too late
That's a lot of irrevelant things. Adding skins was a big help to popularizing csgo, but after that there is no point in having more. During last months of 2016 Valve added gloves and paid sprays to ...
source 2 comes 2 years too late
What would s2 engine do? Improve hitboxes? Better what? Nop, would add more glitches in list to fix. Why does CSGO as game it is require Source 2? Go ask for Half life 3 instead.
What does "how much" mean?
"how much" isphhase originates from days when cs:go betting was rampant, because in that time any outrage over team losing a match implied OP losing a bet.
Still salty after a long lost bet I see.
Sex change operation
You already are pussy, go and see their tits already.
USA drones
You're just getting stuck at pondering over irrevelant semantics. Talk serves a purpose, not an actual objective truth.
White people
Nobody is killing white people. Instead refugees are poor people that are struggling to compete properly in job market. If anything then there is just building narrative for white supremacy.
xms' aim
Nice ace. Last 2 headshots however seemed to be spastic wristflicks. Not what I'd consider as base for top tier aim.