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"rock is shit"
Aside from the aforementioned Shangri-Las track, I only know one more. Remember (Walking in the Sand). But they were so powerful that even though they were all white, people thought they were black on...
"rock is shit"
That's true, but I have a weakness for the all-girl group pop bangers. The Crystals, The Shirelles as well. I just listened to it. It's very easy on the ears, you simply can't hate it. I like the ins...
"rock is shit"
When I read your comment, these tracks immediately came to my mind: Dion - Runaround Sue Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought the Law The Shangri-Las - Leader Of The Pack Frankie Lymon - Why Do Fools Fall In ...
"rock is shit"
I understand your preference because I felt the same way once. I forced myself to keep listening because it annoyed me that I didn't understand what the fuss was all about. But when I finally broke th...
"rock is shit"
Different doesn't mean bad. While I prefer the Brian Jones-era myself, their string of albums from Beggars Banquet to Exile on Main St. was brilliant, so I'd say they carried themselves well from the ...
Champions League
Chelsea - Porto 1-0 / 1-1 so fucking accurate lol
"rock is shit"
Stones and Zeppelin in the 70's? xd
many players decide to play their national FPL, like Danish or Swedish or Polish PL, instead of international FPL.. maybe because they can speak their own language and play with people they know bette...
kNgV creating his own org "KNG"
they clearly dont have a goddamn plan :)
Chelsea let's goooo!
Werner is extremely hardworking and is the player that has been involved in most Chelsea goals this season. His own form in front of the goal could be a lot better ofc but don't underestimate his impa...
Qanon leader KEKW
What an absolute piece of shit
OG - mousesports (trade/exchange)
Why would mouz be interested in this garbage deal?