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Manatee vs Above the Rest
2 ez 4 pnshr. The guy deserves a better team, he seems like a very inteligent player. vs Outlaws
maybe learn how to bet,make your research and stuff like that ? Overpass has been the map, which Outlaws nearly always pick first. Also they got solid wins in the past week, against teams, who are muc...
dont play MMMMMMMMM
60% of your kills were when the enemy team won.The whole CT side you were just making exit kills.Aside from the good start i dont see anything spectecular in this game.
levelONE vs levelONE Academy
Balkan* history. And they are not the one to blame. We should blame the communists for brainwashing so many good people.But your point is still valid.
EU salaries LUL
you could not be more wrong. In germany the products you buy from Aldi/Lidl/etc. are on the same price(and sometimes even cheaper) compared to countrys like Poland/Bulgaria/Greece etc.
As for croatia and bosnia - that was pretty obvious. Dont you share the same religion/similar culture with bulgaria and macedonia ? Thoughts on why you dont like each other/like eachother ?
Romanians and Serbs dont share a common culture(as far as i know),so thats pretty nice to hear.War is never a good thing ;)
Vanche Mihaylov and Ustasé <3
Thoughts on your neightbours?You already answered about kosovo and etc,so tell me what do you think about Bulgaria and FYROM?Maybe Romania too ?
Undeserved MVP Award
if his form stays the same for at least 2-3 more years he might be considered as one of the best.Still a long way to go, he is very far from beeing there.
RogueGG cheaters?!
New boost?Rogue used this boost 2 months ago, this boost is old as f*ck.
Aside from the north countrys,icehockey is not popular anywhere else.Its not a global sport. Icehockey scene is much smaller compared to footbal,basketball,tennis and a little bit behind several other...
RatsOfTheYear vs MnM
Yes, lurppis was part of pretty much every strong finish line-up back then.As for H^N - he is not some sort of a legend/star player but he is quite well known.
RatsOfTheYear vs MnM
lirppis, H^N and allu against crzy and Colon.Some legendary 1.6/csgo players against the most famous onliner/biggest danish talent in the end of 1.6.This gunna be gud.