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Sleep paralysis
It really is, but once you figure out you are dreaming it all becomes lucid dreaming hehe
Sleep paralysis
Yeah I have had it. Usually mixed with fake awakenings and lucid dreaming which is pretty fun. First time I had it it was horrible tho
grill likes me?
Chances are she finds you attractive. Just go for it, ask for her instagram/whatsapp
Top 10 peak of CS:GO.
*1 game* 0/8
Top 10 peak of CS:GO.
Nice bait list. Everyone knows s1mple 2018 is the highest peak.
Single people aged 25 and more
This is why I feel like a more proactive approach might do a better job at bringing us happiness. Yes, people have a way of finding us and getting into our lifes, but so do we. Your last paragraph h...
Single people aged 25 and more
Im consistently torn between "if its meant to be, it will be" and "if you want it, go and get it". Im 26. Ive done my fair part of exploring and casual sex doesnt really cut it for me anymore.
Cannabis legalization / decriminalization
I dont think you get what decriminalization means. This simply means it constitutes no crime. There might be other penalizations, which is what happens in portugal - people get fined and are sent to r...
Cannabis legalization / decriminalization
" Don't treat drug users as criminals" and yet you are against decriminalization? wtf lol.
Cannabis legalization / decriminalization
This is wrong. People smoke tobacco in much higher ammounts than they smoke weed. Thus making the tar ammount completly irrelevant. There are also edibles which have no tar whatsoever. And no, alco...