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American teen sues media for 250 million
If you actually read the thing, you would know they weren't being racist.. It was another group and they actually tried to overwhelm the racist bullshit by chanting their schools chant.. If a shit pap...
Zeus last major
Sorry but what? Laughing my ass off my ass out? o_O
Why Swedish men prefer tall girls?
If u really didn't understand the burka -joke.. I feel bad for you. :P
sergej is a weeb
Well, good thing it's trolling. :P A lot of people aren't, they're actually proud of that shit. Sorry for the response then, I just really hate people who are just shitting on others instead of deali...
sergej is a weeb
U must be quite fucked up inside tbh. Admitting that you're knowingly bullying someone because you don't like someone who's a certain way? Either your reflecting your own shitty existence somewhere wi...
Do you play on 144hz ?
Well, something you can take out of it that the 144Hz player (even if they swap setups) will be having a clear advantage. It's scientific enough to prove the case. You're doing nothing trying to debun...
Do you play on 144hz ?
I suggest you to try two players of the same skill level and other one goes 60Hz and next to him other one plays 144Hz. This will show you the differences real time. With a 144Hz monitor you can actua...
Do you play on 144hz ?
Check the facts. =) I used to play 120Hz already on a CRT.
Do you play on 144hz ?
He isn't complaining about his FPS being affected by the refresh rate of his monitor, he is saying he's running on a stable fps lower then his maximum Hz. If you're running at 144Hz the gpu will try ...
Do you play on 144hz ?
Actually, the difference in ms when u get your information is quite vast. Your 60hz monitor only gives you information 60 times a second, while a 144Hz or higher will do it much more thus bringing dow...
(18+) girl help
A good way is to find a hobby for yourself and looking will rarely yield you results. Open-mindedness and your own enjoyment yields more potential relationships then hunting for them. Usually when you...
Biggie smalls
Nothing tops Hypnotize. :D
i know that im late but...
5v5 AWP_India, let's go!
Well, CT Train and u get the ball rolling.. Shit happens. They got what they needed and won the game. All that matters. :P Winstrike ain't a bad team tbh.
I'd say the problem lies in the internet and anonymity and that people are consumed by their egos. They can't admit being wrong or self-reflect so their only defense is offense. It's a broad problem ...