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I understand ur reply contains words, but next time it'd be nice if you actually produced something with content. :) No wonder you're pepesad.
Yes, yes yellowteeth. :)
Well, comparing CS iterations pre-CSS to anything that comes after is just impossible. The distinction was not made by renaming the series notably but the game changed from a true FPS to a tactical sh...
I rate your keyboard
scary books!
Came across as a insecure incel from the start, finished strong in the same fashion. :) I am betting you're one of those wastes of air who get stuck on progression and resort to steroids to keep grow...
Jamppi VAC
How about voicechat abuse then? You think they just figure out "Ah, probably abused because he's getting reports" without review? Doubt it.
best sweet from your country
This looks a lot like baklava. Love baklava with pistachios.
Jamppi VAC
The voicechat is included in the demos. I would suspect they withhold at least some information on the banned cases and in general. Also, you can see your past matches and get their demos for quite a ...
Jamppi VAC
In this train of thought, you've just forgot the most important part: The game studios need us users to actually profit out of their games. No playerbase - no game, no matter what they want. So after ...
Jamppi VAC
The only reason there is no evidence to support Jamppi is that Valve is not disclosing any information they have. They'll have IP addresses, they can show simultaneously played games and so much more ...
ur sensivity cs?
This is completely new information for me, albeit I've never thought the variable could be modified so that 1 is not the default value.. That's extremely odd.. When you think about a multiplier, multi...
ur sensivity cs?
Well, if you have 8.45+ multiplier for your eDPI while zoomed in, that's just crazy. I also suspect you're talking about a 0.845+ zoom sensitivity otherwise I can't see how you control that sensitivit...
ur sensivity cs?
I also like to main AWP, but am a hybrid player. AWP and pistols are my go-to weapons tho if I have the money to pick what I wish to have in most situations at least.
ur sensivity cs?
In my opinion it is not wise to use a scoped multiplier. Noscopes are much easier to hit imho when you dont have scoped scaling and it feels like there is less adjusting. It's all personal preference ...