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T1 riflers
dizzy maybe? I'ven't been much around for like six to nine months so I've fallen a bit off but that kid was an absolute monster in Apex Legends. If his aim transitions well to Valorant.. He'll be the ...
Test it out for yourself. I've noticed that I am easily tagged but I can also easily hit when I use interp_ratio 1. I've learned it should affect your network lag compensation but not sure if Valve ha...
Interp_ratio 1 with a good connection and interp_ratio 2 with a worse one. I'ven't played for a few months but it used to be drastic how it affects. Obviously also interp 0 to get your interp as low a...
Diploma copyright
The truth is that as long as you don't gain from it monetarily directly, information is in general shared to be used. AFAIK nobody gives a flying fuck before it makes money. Nice to let people know in...
FPL (Real Talk )
+1 Well said.
Jamppis lawsuit
The case here is that the finnish consumer law might actually view Valve's ToS as violating towards the end-consumer as they don't have to prove their claim but can shut someone out from competing in ...
Jamppis lawsuit
Well, the finnish consumer law is quite strict and I am quite willing to believe that Jamppi has a shot on his case. Also, as a minor I doubt neither of the accounts he has bought were with his own cr...
Jamppis lawsuit
What you do not understand here is that they're questioning the validity and harshity of the lifetime ban / vac ban as it can't really be traced to the person who committed the actual cheating per-se ...
Jamppis lawsuit
This is why the lawsuit is made so that it is within the Finnish Consumer Protection Act and thus will be processed by the Finnish court system. Wise decision.
quarantine stupid
Well, yes.. CoVid is a known virus but we also know that the severity of the symptoms of the virus vary between people. That alone should show you enough proof that it is possible for the potentially ...
quarantine stupid
And by this logic you do what with the people who are infected but don't experience any symptoms? Possible still to carry and spread it..
American Virus
I don't really know but I read that they used a japanese flu medicine that stops virus' from halving to faster heal early covid patients. Doesn't work if you're on a later stage, tho.