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Subtle and insubstantial, the expert leaves no trace; divinely mysterious, he is inaudible. Thus he is master of his enemy's fate.
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i know JW is good but....
U know that u can hear when someone is climbing on those boxes ?
fnatic vs ESC
So that u could loose what good people gave u ? No sir ! I think u have a betting problem.
what do u think of this?
Agree. P.S. The easiest players to kill is by order: from behind, side & those who coming out from corner while ducking.
what do u think of this?
Buy the game on smurf acc or request access to my main acc games?
Step 1: Create new steam acc Step 2: Verify your email and turn on steam guard Step 3: Find a game u want in steam store and buy it Step 4: Add friends Step 5: Play
Help please
Unless u are rich as fuck. Then u can actually get fast one, but it's cost and montly pay will be off the charst, but hey u would have small ping xD
cs:go ban?
Overwatch admins watched your match/matches and found evidence showing that u are using cheats, they voted to ban u and now u are banned untill VALVE support will watch it over and remove the ban or g...
Watch out, suicide recreuiter spotted !!!
Which keyboard should i buy?
I would suggest Corsair Vengeance K70, it's backlith, fully mechanical, easy to clean, additional changable buttons, pad for comfort and MX cherry red switches(Corsair sayed that later on u will be ab...
Which keyboard should i buy?
What type of swtiches ? Red, black, blue or brown ?
Which keyboard should i buy?
Rice sock lol xD Well he meant wrist band :)
Which keyboard should i buy?
Red ones are good too.
This DDoS thing
Well u can't implement anything to help from DDOS. All u can do it's just to hide your ip.
This DDoS thing
+1 Give this man a banana xD
This DDoS thing
While gaming your ping will jump and in fjew seconds u might crash.