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NiP vs Vega Squadron
El clasico.
Red Reserve vs HAVU
The average age of RR is ~ 22 yo, slightly below Astralis. If they haven't had their breakthrough by now, I doubt they ever will. But yeah, If draken is only playing for fun and doesn't want to make...
Red Reserve vs HAVU
Draken... from NiP to fnatic to Red Reserve. Or how not to play your cards in life. :))
-dennis +draken
So many people here who don't understand the importance of chemistry within a team. Who gives a shit about draken's stats in NiP when all other players were playing bad because of him? NiP has a good ...
Sprout vs NiP :)
Sprout vs NiP
Damn, how times flies and we're getting older. I remember when I first saw f0rest play, I think it was 2004 and he was playing under the "embrace' tag. His play style was unique at that time: insane ...
Sprout vs NiP
New Silver Snipers lineup: f0rest, Get_RiGhT, Neo, pasha, TaZ.
Composition of NiP?
True. At least they can find someone who's equally clever and suitable for this position. I don't want to talk shit about pita because I don't have an insight on what they're doing within the team or ...
Composition of NiP?
First of all, - pita + a different coach. Maybe bring back Threat. Pita seems like a completely clueless guy. Then I would go for the following team setup: Riflers: f0rest, REZ, lekr0 Dedicated Awper...
NiP vs HellRaisers
Mark my words bois, NiP's gonna play the final.
-25 outside
-20 degrees. You know it's bad when your car's engine is struggling. :D
Zowie EC1-B
I bought a Zowie EC1-A mouse, worst experience ever. Maybe I was unlucky and got one with problems, fortunately the vendor allowed me to pick another mouse, so I chose Logitech G403 and it's far bette...
NRG vs Red Reserve
Anyone knows what PCs are they using?
where are the nabs who saw a great future for this godsent team after malmo? Lel, naive kids thinking fnatic would let go of some superstar players.
NiP vs Luminosity
They pushed long like every single round, and almost every single round NiP were caught on the wrong foot.