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Shut down America!
True. I was a fan of Wolverine in the X Men Animated Series. : )
Shut down America!
Not only that, but if you want to dominate nowadays you cannot do it by force alone, you need to also be liked. America and China both have strong economies and military, but America successfully expo...
Shut down America!
The US will land on its feet. They might have to share a piece of the pie with China, but the US will still be the number one super power. It's not only about economy and military power, it's also ab...
Move to EU?
Yeah, I hate dry food myself. Anyway, if you ever come back to Romania and decide to visit Brasov (this is where I live, main tourist city in Romania) leave a message and I will recommend some good re...
R.I.P. NiP
Agreed. However, even if Lekr0 was older than the rest of the team, the team itself looked good and they were improving one tournament at a time. They should have made the decision to kick lekro when...
Move to EU?
At the end of the day food is pretty subjective and the food that you grew up with is more likely to please you. Of course Denmark has more Michelin restaurants since the country is much richer. By th...
Move to EU?
What do you actually mean by "food sucks"? The Western World is known for eating overly-processed foods, whereas in Romania you can still find natural food, you can even buy it from local farmers at v...
R.I.P. NiP
Well, I said it a while ago that I don't see this lineup achieving anything in cs, other than being a stable top 30 presence. I mean, it's not like these players have an unpredictable potential to ex...
Move to EU?
Your statement is based on what? Romania is a low end EU country, which is still better than any South American and African country if you consider all factors (not just money) that contribute to the ...
Dignitas vs fnatic
Fnatic would beat Dignitas as they are right now even on their worst day.
Dignitas vs Heretics
Damn.... Xizt is fookin' shite....
21 year old dies from Coronavirus
Stopped reading after "leukemia".
Coronavirus vs. CS:GO
If it really gets bigger many people wouldn't have to worry about going to work because there will be no more work for them.
fnatic vs Dignitas
Regardless of how it ends, Swedes never disappoint when it comes to cs.