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Eid Mubarak
Who said I approve Merry Christmas? You can eat whatever you want, even your shit,the fuck I give about that doesn't exist. Why don't you just enjoy the life as it is,not praying for something unknown...
Eid Mubarak
That's your problem. You think something is waiting for you when you die so you kill and do shit in real life. So lay on your carpet and don't waste your time replying to me, i'm not creating dumb thr...
Eid Mubarak
1)Chilling on the beach on holidays,dude. 2)Check mine message history and yours 3)Grow up means become religious? 4)Fuck off
Eid Mubarak
I beg you, don't detonate my country
Don't try to make a conversation with them. These retards can watch only navi games,how can they compare B-side holders.
Keep your hands off plants,they're alive. If you care about nature - eat stones
Don't forget what you eat with your beer,n**i
R.I.P 1 year :(((((
who da fck is this?
+20hp after killing one enemy, i think this could make cs match better watching
What about aging? You're aging in game like 1 round=3 years. Moving speed,accuracy,dexterity is going down. You're growing a beard and sound retarded in Ventrilo like you have alzheimer. FUCK,I'm s...
He landed at 0:24?!?!?!?!?! Or maybe at 0:28???? Douchebags
You're one sick fuck. Even neo gave this game a shot and you're still whining. There is a big difference in spraying and taping so skill for taping is needed.
KerchNET vs Wikipediots
Danish CS > Ukrainian CS, everybody knows that
KerchNET vs Wikipediots
ahaha colon,amazing stuff
fnatic new player is...
It will not be new IGL.New igl= new team,they must continue with the winning strats. Xizt learned from carn and replaced him in that role, moddii will probably replace Xizt
fnatic new player is...