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Reason for ScreaM seems to be "falling" in skill.
sorry, maybe i misunderstood you and you just wanted to make a point about why he scream became a worse player? ("tapping got nerfed") idk. are the NiP guys not tapping? i'm not watching other pe...
Reason for ScreaM seems to be "falling" in skill.
can you prove 1.6 being more accurate? i think your opinion comes from urban myths like "1.6 100% accurate"
cheating is killing cs go.
he's talking about established progamers. compare to pros cheating in CS. get the point?
To all who watched CS for years
there's several reasons 1) there's hardly any camping in competitive CS. teams are building up their strategies (or defending bombspots), but it's boring to watch on stream*. especially if you're n...
indian worker germs
plus they dont even speak english
please take the time to actually compare walking inaccuracy in both 1.6 and CSGO
Who is this?????????
well yea... bursting is so much stronger in CSGO compared to 1.6, so it's much more often used, but tapping is also used a lot. but yes, not NEARLY as much as 1.6, and mostly on longer ranges. it's...
the CSGO devs gave proof that cl_lw 0 does not show actual recoil. basically they put a glass window at long range and that window itself was made out of a lot of small individual glass pieces too. so...
1shot in CSGO is very easy and consistent. actually AK is more accurate in CSGO than in 1.6, plus hitboxes are a little bigger. on the other hand, tapping has to be done a little bit slower, or otherw...
G400 users !! pls need help :(
they will give him a free replacement if he tells the support. dunno for how long that guarantee counts. i think it might be 3 years actually. logitech is really nice at these things, imho!
csgo are u kidding me ?
you cant
no you are wrong, i am right. you are a troll and thus i wont speak any further. you can try to convince me. i wont try to convince you, cause im right and you must be dumb. no offense. it's true.
are you thick? listen to what people say. you CAN feel where bullets go in CSGO. people pointed out that it's a matter of practice. if you cant perform long bursts in CSGO (up to 9shots), you're ...
NAVI skil level
someone from navi's caliber knows that they can easily rise above the majority of these teams again, simply because they are more skilled. i'm not a fanboy, but compare for example to broodwar and ...