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quit CS for months, come back for drops. Crying in tears for Astralis, not even fans of them. this is not what I expected.. Goodjob Astralis.
800x600 or 1024x768
it's been fixed along time ago. Early days when I started playing CSGO i did that. You can't lie about it. just hold mouse1 to the wall and spray, change resolution, move slightly to the side an...
Suggestion for the Top30 teams list.
I came here to see my countrymen matches and now I'm exposed to the hltv cancer again. you do realize the ranks are based on stats, right?
>Man >Under 180cm
wow I haven't been in hltv for awhile. I guess it still is a shitcancerpost fest. I feel sorry for the admin having to manage these retards.
and this is not cringe? lmao hltv knight at it's best. Go suck each other's dick plz
Underaged HLTV community
Hltv nowadays is 9-years-old-mentality user with elitist personally and superiority complex over other(though more contributing) CS coverage and social media platform. They claim to be superior, ...
What headset do you use?
Well some of them yes. For me I mainly get a nice headphone like HD595 for gaming due to it's comforts. Since CSGO sound engine is so bad it wouldn't matter much if you got a $300 headphone or $30 ...
What headset do you use?
hmm I haven't been playing CS lately. I don't eq them, found them pretty neutral(not flat, neutral) dark sounding is alright for general music listening. Paired them with Schiit Moddi to JDS Lab...
What headset do you use?
I've bought an almost in perfect condition HD595 for just $90 LOL awesome sennheiser-dark sound signature with great soundstage. I don't think he want to pair HE400 with any decent amp. It'll cost ex...
What headset do you use?
I've got Senn HD595 and Shure SRH840 awhile ago, used AKG K551. I must say though the soundstage is bigger in K551, HD595 hands down better in positional sound.
wow such salt, come back in few hours after you cool down mate.
are you use it's not one of those skin/cheat/MM game/iloseskinbecausebet crying thread?
Shame on you C9!
>it's hard to be a c9 fan then don't be one. You're not a fan if you can't steam with your team losing.
Which game is better? NEED HELP!
I bought overwatch 2 weeks ago. It's fun :D I haven't touch CSGO lately