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[18+] Licking asshole
This thread is full of virgins, ofc you do that, everyone likes that.
Worst city name worldwide
Any city in the US that's named after a European city and isn't modified or altered.
FaZe vs mousesports
Wow this is so stupid, elimination matches aren't bo3. What a crappy major
AWP sens Problem
You can also tweak zoom_ratio, I use 0.8 and then I have a faster sens for rifles.
Facebook ruined Cs
Honestly I never know when a FB or YT stream is running.
World Cup Favorites/Odds
Brazil, Germany and Argentina to semis, Portugal is the underdog that might surprise. France, Uruguay, Belgium and England to quarters, but will lose them.
Japanese language speakers come here
My friend studied Japanese for these exact reasons, now he doesn't watch anime anymore and it is very likely he won't use the language again, but if you'd be so kind and come up with counter arguments...
Japanese language speakers come here
Just so you know, you'll never get to use the language, sure you might like anime now and think it is cool to learn, and it is quite easy. But once you stop watching it becomes a useless skill. Japane...
NBK high?
Always, you mean for those two weeks you have been following CS? Grow up kid.
-STYKO +who
I'd love to see NBK play alongside oskar in mouz.
-suNny-oskar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More like -Styko +someone who can frag
worst eu countries
Nice try Swedistan
karrigan isn't the problem
It's true that NiKo chokes in the finals, haven't you seen the Major? NiKo showed up on the last map and it wasn't enough. Rain was only consistent on Overpass. Pls don't be fanboys, NiKo in the grand...
Chech Republic
You say whore and slut country, but it's not like any of those girls will put out for you. Not even for 200 euro
The Majors often have the problem of exciting semifinals and underwhelming finals. Anyway my top3: Cloud9 - Faze (Boston 2018) Astralis - VP (Atlanta 2017) NiP - LDLC (DHW 2014) The only final I have...