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LDLC vs DreamEaters
WTF HAPPENED TO HAPPY I mean actually irl. He got 2x fat pimpled ugly. w0w
nip drama
NiP org get's so much money in sponsors jerseys everything even if they lose all tourns 33k isn't that good. And they do place decently it's just too many beast teams atm. Any oldfags here remember e...
Mouse list count used by Pros/Streamers [CSGO ONLY]
As someone who owns "steelseries Rival 300" for years i wouldn't trade it for anything... if it broke i'd get i guess the newer versions? Software i never really cared for, fancy lights w/e. Button ...
About dick size: From girl's perspective
Hi basement dwellers. I know a girl that ONLY dates black guys. And she stays with them not much time, moves on. Don't judge her, men do the same. WHY would she date blacks... BTW vagina size increa...
I Destroyed GTR
Actually i remember this guy long ago (1.6) GTR was taking aim_map duels, he 9-0'd (last round GTR wrote kill in console) He posted the link. Lol. Pr0 G@1m3R5
ALEX he is the British player but the Vitality he is the French stars
m8 you need to update your name to Furia_ERA
Best roster changes in CSGO history
SK Gaming +SpawN (2003)
Giants vs Nemiga
lollipop2k only player with higher rating than fox. Welp, we got Ronaldo and we got fox. Not bad. Considering we owned half the world, now a brat from a favela like island played with a ball a lot a...
Love when safe betters lose wallets. They say a star shines in the sky when it does.
MIBR vs Envy
Skill wise you can see them out aimed by MIBR. Sad for NA crew. Tamo junto.
Queso vs Giants
"FOX GOAT" - ZorlaK top analyst here, like a Thorin that isn't a retard. Ronadox, pride yes much envyUs.
R8 Zeus daughter
NAMBLA has entered the thread. oh its a girl. Set up units, smoke flash and send Hansen
Coated pills
Coated pill? Wat? When they have it it's to protect the subtance, just filler. Why would it, wat?
Anti-gay laws don't work
The only anti gay law is muslims with sharia law imported by the millions to OUT Europe by Merkel and top world rulers who benefit from "multiculturalism". Who's beating LGBQTASDs etc. in broad day li...
Lol nabs needing sens 1, crosshair placement and kill. Go watch Elige, Wombit, fox or Mutt and learn to be a man.