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bootstrap 4 shit ???
Now i tried everything with your code and it is working. Cant get what you want to achieve. When you scroll down you will see in "styles" that class ".bg-dark.scrolled" is added. And the bg-color is p...
bootstrap 4 shit ???
$(window).scroll(function(){ var self = this; $('nav').toggleClass('scrolled', $(self).scrollTop() > 10); }); The problem is that "this" is changed in callback functions.
bootstrap 4 shit ???
check the image which i gave you: If you have: #nav.nav a - (1 ID, 1 Class, 1 Selector) #nav.nav .nav-link a (1 ID, 2 Classes, 1 Selector) - WIN
bootstrap 4 shit ???
Set: { background-color: red !important; }
bootstrap 4 shit ???
Check exactly the classes selector which adds the backgound-color, copy exactly the same selector and change the color. Probably the problem is the "specifity".
Under 150EUR 144hz
Pff i am so stupid... I checked on the ".com" domain, from the ".de" it is 132 euros :D
Under 150EUR 144hz
For Bulgaria: Shipping & Fee Details ________________________ Price $144.99 AmazonGlobal Shipping + $92.76 Estimated Import Fees Deposit + $47.55 ________________________ Total $285.30 Lol
Americans come here
Isnt everything paid in USA ?
USA dangerous for jews?
It is sad if the owners are making their country dangerous for themself.
Germany expels Russian diplomats
From long time it is like that, i am not talking only for that particular case. If Russia does something wrong and unhumanable there will be sanctions from whole EU, USA etc... But if the USA doesnt s...
Germany expels Russian diplomats
It is sad country like Germany and at the moment whole EU, let the JewSA to control them...
Python Challenge
Will try simple explanation. "my_list" value is in the "A" place of the memory. When you write "bonus = my_list + [5]", new place in the memory is reserved for the new variable, lets call the place "B...
In any normal country the guns are banned, but in "great" country like USA its not, interesing why ? As i said their economy is really related to gun production, they absolutely dont care about citize...