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binding keys
Thanks a lot mate !
binding keys
Yeah , exactly ? Right number pad.
why is Bulgaria cs so bad?
Go back to school.May be in Pasha London school first.
Ruskies in mm
Bitch please , everybody knows that you are the worst teammates in every fuckin game.You are super toxic players , dont give info on a normal base , start shouting when there is no reason ,talking rus...
Faceit anti cheat software
It is not working properly.A lot of cheaters on lower level.
Faceit - why there are so many cheaters ?
You are idiot man. You dont know how faceit system working but let me tell pro player. So when they catch cheater which has been reported multiple times they cancel his games from the reported game.Th...
Faceit - why there are so many cheaters ?
https://www.faceit.com/en/players/GrimeShoot From yestarday and so many others that i played against...
Faceit - why there are so many cheaters ?
https://www.faceit.com/en/players/GrimeShoot -thats from yestarday and so many others Why i have to be mad ?
I guess faceit LVL
fav player snax but hate poland :D This is just statement of true hater :D
Natus Vincere vs Cloud9
Prob NaVi would take this if Guardian step up with the awp but lets see Skad is playing really good right now
FaZe vs Liquid
It depends for a lot of factors but i think that Liquid are too underestimated and that is a problem because they have a lot of fire power i think actually Liquid can get this but lets see.
NiP > SK
This is online for example mousesports beated Navi every single time when they meat them online.As a matter of fact mousesports demolish them but today when they met them at LAN which is big differenc...
NiP vs mousesports
SAY WHAT?|???????????????????
NiP vs mousesports
Amen brother #GoNinjas #donotlosehope #comestrongagain
hen1 is the brother of lucas1 :o
Come on man they look like twins...