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FaZe Ex6TenZ
FaZe Ex6TenZ
There is an opinion that his tactics doesn't work in 2018. But I would like to see where it will goes
Undertaker > Kane
What bind for jumping in cs?
I binded both, for space and for mwheelup
Gambit Navi shuffle?
There is high chances to drop to top10 after shuffle and very long time not achieving something worthy. Also there is high chances that Navi right now will win something, I dont see a team who can dea...
Gambit Navi shuffle?
He is kinda calm boi, doing the job well but unnoticeably, he proved himself on my eyes when I saw his 4k deagle headshot yesterday. Man without a will to win won't play like that, remember GuardiaN s...
Gambit Navi shuffle?
Why a lot of people here want Navi shuffle every time? Can you just leave them alone?
Does Na'Vi need a change?
hellraisers fans come here
Not a wasted spot obviously, they had good plays, they should keep train and play together. Who knows, maybe they lost to the major winner.
NaVi should kick Edward
To add, Edward have some personal problems he's going to fix and he knows how to fix them. That's why you see him fragging bad, but like anyway, why kick him? They winning? Yes. So what the problem th...
NaVi vs Astralis
Astralis. Na`Vi trained like 5 days or so, they had some problems, Zeus sick right now
"Psychedelic" music.
Listen this then
He lost his 3rd final... Imagine how bad he feel himself
Metal/Rock Bands :) Send me some songs/bands :)
I found out for my self King Gizzard of The Lizard Wizard. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 is my choice
fake /close