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Xizt INSANE pistol clutch vs VeryGames (CS:GO RaidCall EMS one Finals)
2nd kill FTW
scream is not showing anything special against top teams
top5 NOW??
same as me! +1
why ScreaM is the best?
he got best aim but nothing else. just check last match vs fnatic his stats was like -3 so he is far far from be the best ; ) just shooting headshots wont make him best player
its funny to see threads like this man xD! they lose 2 matches, one tournament and he have to be replaced! seriously nip won 80k euros with FIFF!!
NiP vs Virtus.pro
u are an idiot. How can u say they are top1, they just won ONE lan tournament, lmao!! still nip top1 but i was looking for virtus, cuz i dont like nip =)
NiP vs Virtus.pro
finally we can watch SICK FINAL in csgo!
Natus Vincere vs ESC
I think some of them just dont like cs;go, so they dont have same motivation as in 1.6, but lets hope im wrong!
Natus Vincere vs ESC
gg wp navi, esc so many mistakes =\
NiP domination
I hate NIP matches, just check stats from other matches like VP vs navi etc there is always more spectators than on nip matches =) but i think vp is the team that gonna win at least map with nip!
NiP vs ESC
ofc, no1 can beat them its not fun to watch. I bet all matches in lower bracker will be 10x more exciting to watch and much more viewers than nip games
NiP vs ESC
esc wont get more than 6~ rounds gg nip = )
NiP vs ESC
rofl at that defuse, anyway bad play as terrotist =\ lets hope for better second map!
NiP vs ESC
haha, its possible but still i think they will play better than on cph