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Xizt INSANE pistol clutch vs VeryGames (CS:GO RaidCall EMS one Finals)
2nd kill FTW
scream is not showing anything special against top teams
top5 NOW??
same as me! +1
why ScreaM is the best?
he got best aim but nothing else. just check last match vs fnatic his stats was like -3 so he is far far from be the best ; ) just shooting headshots wont make him best player
its funny to see threads like this man xD! they lose 2 matches, one tournament and he have to be replaced! seriously nip won 80k euros with FIFF!!
NiP domination
I hate NIP matches, just check stats from other matches like VP vs navi etc there is always more spectators than on nip matches =) but i think vp is the team that gonna win at least map with nip!
Your dream lineup for a GO squad.
forest get_right xizt scream nico/gla1ve
20,000 viewers
even with esc would be more than 20k, fosho polacks would watch it xD
NIP Should be forced to Change Roster!
ofc they can, its a game. Do u think in cs 1.6 everyone was a beastsince beggining? dude we had year by year some sick team that was owning everyone so stfu. Someone will get their level soon or later...
NIP Should be forced to Change Roster!
train hard go pro. NIP is playing at least 5-6h/day so other teams have to play more, nothing else. Someday they will get them, but not today : ]
Barcelona - Real Madrid
chill man, was he even playing yesterday? :O RM!!
Barcelona - Real Madrid
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYEy5XWKpnY&feature=share actors!! they should change job :D
CS1.6 UPDATE ?????
Well after all that comands i have shit feelings that recoil is changed. Spray is not same X_X
ScreaM Deathmatch