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CSGO Resolution & Stuff
ukcs np
Temperature today?
12c, love the UK
HyperX Cloud II
Have had it since July and just use the USB soundcard without the 7.1, it's horrible haha :P but the headset is really good overall
Zowie mices.
afaik they all have the same interiors in terms of sensor and all that, so you're really just choosing which shape you want. I've used the EC2 models for years, if you think you want a bigger mouse th...
1.7x sens masterrace
1.74 400 dpi
Any pro player with 60 hz?
no /thread
Mouse, sensitivity, rank?
ec2-a 1.74 400 dpi 6/11 windows global
GeT_RiGhT to C9 confirmed
Yo this could be completely unrelated and pure coincidence, but I'm fairly sure that GTR has been using a Logitech mouse for the past couple of weeks/months. Could be a sign of things to come as C9 ar...
new keyboard
steelseries 6gv2 red switches. Don't listen to what people have to say about SS on here, as long as you're not smashing your keyboard repeatedly it lasts a long, long time. source: had mine for ...
64-111 wp
NiP fanboys never cease to amaze me
Titan vs Skyred
wah wah legends.huyak +}
Titan vs Skyred
Yeah I used to live in Asia, and I agree they were quite good. Their style took a lot of people off guard because of how aggressive they played, helps them build a load of momentum.
Titan vs Skyred
Last time some of these players faced each other was at MSI Beat it in China, 2013. Interestingly, when Skyred were still Legends and Titan were Verygames. Second time Tukon and Zac are going up again...
300 fps to 120 adter update, any help?
Well yeah, if he uses 120hz he NEEDS above 120 fps otherwise it'll be shit.