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want a chat? look for the oldest baldest guy at LAN, that will be me.
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Your dream (goal) ?
a goal, at 170 now but at my age numbers going to start dropping at some point :(
Your dream (goal) ?
180kg bench
Prophecy vs Infused
"Bookies could know that, but shouldn´t had that much influence on their odds" hmmm really? The point is a lot of people are making is if Heroic / Astralis / Godsend get in a position where the resul...
Prophecy vs Infused
its no secret, pretty sure the bookies and any serious betters would have known this :P. Prophesy has always been the console side of Infused
Prophecy vs Infused
2 teams with the same owners, 1 needs a win, for the other it don't matter... and they still take bets on this? xD
gay pros
hes not gay but Olofmeister always makes time to high 5 a D
fu all
ESL ONE Casting lineup
xD congrats on the event, will be good to see you back on fps games you're wasted on them tank lovers come back to go!
ESL ONE Casting lineup
Nice, so we get some eye candy casting and Lauren will be there!
Intelligent species
pretty sure anything intelligent knows it doesn't need to put /discuss at the end of a post on a public forum intended for discussion. Do the people that do that really think "if i don't put /discu...
why get so obsessed with weapon skins
I'm not obsessed!! I'm just big boned!
My new asiimov fish
you got to find him...
Let's get Anders a nick !
back to his roots, Anders "PugLife" Blume
uberG33kz -Nico +Cajunb
bloody Jehan, slayer again!
CS:GO Key Competitions with fm-eSports!
Also got too many DotA2 keys to count if anyone, anywhere wants a DotA2 key just message here :) Is there actually anyone on steam that doesn't have an inventory full of gift copies of DotA2? :S