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Berlin Major Winner
reported for racism
Astralis (1000 points)
Holy shit the way you type gives me cancer.
Best player from each country
DE is Deutschland, its supposed to be DK
Faze Gla1ve
"in csgo history" that would 100% be gla1ve now adays.
Top 5 World countries
Belgium is a proper poor 1st world country tho. Can't even afford proper roads. When you take the highway from Luxembourg into the Ardennes it's so noticeable you've entered Belgium.
men = women in what sports?
Alfa as fuck indeed, made Serena the Mangirl look like a schoolgirl.
men = women in what sports?
Just found the article, he was rated 203 in the world and beat her. One match is enough when it's #1 in your gender league vs #203. ,
men = women in what sports?
The man who was rated 15x something competed against Serena Williams once, with her claiming she could compete with the guys. He was hungover and proceeded to beat her convincingly. Women are not equa...
When I say "you" it was projected as if you do it as a person in whole, sort of like StrayanSeupremacy
It's racist when you put in into the sentence "greedy jew", it's a stereotype you're taking advantage of and making a mockery of an entire culture.
rate my 2k
Is this a troll?
how is my reactiontime so fcking good
Well I guess you're the disgusting human if you interpret my comment as a joke. That's sick man, how could you?
how is my reactiontime so fcking good
Wasn't a joke, was a statement. NA brain is hard at work here, huh buddy.
how is my reactiontime so fcking good
Even without refugees 9/11 still happened, so yeah, have fun being exposed. :-)