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Why every sweden licking USA's asses?
Not to point out the obvious, but a full military mobilisation from Ukraine isn't going to end with Russia backing down.
Putting things to perspective
Self employed buddy ;) free lance surveyor and buy and sell properties.
Putting things to perspective
I doubt the majority of people are addicted to gaming. The issue lies with their social group or lack of social group. It's comforting to speak to people without going out so its used as a social outl...
Putting things to perspective
Terrible logic. You completely negate the requirement for personal time. Surely hobbies outside of gaming and socialising are also valuable wasted hours where you could be doing something meaningful. ...
Putting things to perspective
Not really... about half a million a year. Should be making that in a few years as well
Putting things to perspective
Its always dependant on degree. Certain sectors you cant work in without one. But its obvious you dont need a degree to make money
Putting things to perspective
For a weekend. I wouldnt mind earning that...
Music you're listening to.
Right now... Alex clare - I wont let you down
Who ever ends up being best player 2013
The sarcasm is weak in this one...
The English language
Most universally spoken language a long with spanish. Probably due to the breadth of empires back in the day and mote modernly due to popular culture.
Your CAR
I completely agree with him. I'd have an old jag e type or italian classic over a lifeless bmw. I just hate their look (however they are great cars).
valve until when?
My first wish to valve would be a mass culling of anyone using the brand volvo incorrectly, followed by improvements to csgo.
Rattlesnk open letter to valve.
Hey!!! Someone understands, I knew there would be one or two on this website eventually :P