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!Jimmys Aim Server
Keep it only 10 slots pls!
The Best Player In CS:GO So Far.
taz </3 cs:go
I know right, look at that focus~ guys comments a little further up.
why source players havent switched to cs go yet ??
Regardless of Source or 1.6 some players wont change purely down to the fact that they find the game more enjoyable. The kind of players who arnt interested in the competitive scene so it doesn't ...
This forum really
I actually try and take that in to consideration, I can speak two langauges and I know it can be difficult to get every tiny bit of grammar correctly so I try not to judge people for their poor Englis...
This forum really
Two negative comments about poles in a thread with 15 reply's. You are the type of poster that is wrong with HLTV. :)
This forum really
HLTV Is a great site for match ticker and fast CS news. However. The user base has to be one of the biggest collections of narrow minded inbred morons on planet earth.
-stingeR +delpan
Everyone ?
top10 css players?
As far as im aware, wantz doesnt enjoy go too much so isnt interested in playing serious.
top10 css players?
Shoxie re1ease hughsey wantz rattlesnk rpk weber ex6tenz nbk cajunb
top10 css players?
oh look its you again, dont you think your obsession with steel is a little bit scary ?
Lemondogs vs Epsilon
Why do people even play against Epsilon they blatantly cheat. They are just giant spastics and yet people still play against them even though their is no chance you can beat them. Id love to see th...
Richard Lehis CASTING
Rizc is better ? er..
Frost Gaming vs Sour Patch Kids
Haha yeah no. moe is immense
Did ScreaM switch to CSP?