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SLTV : ghosting ?
If NaVi lost, no teams would complain NaVi's ghosting, simple.
Kill all players on losing team?
AmxModX? That's a general mod.
steam is crap #proved
true +1
beautiful actresses?
Maria Ozawa
like markeloff
markeloff, the best
Girls problmes
Thats a whore who hang of with a dozen of guys, sorry so say that, I cant count how many people in your story, yet it's an awesome complexity. I would leave this fucking girl aside, she would turn tra...
delete this thread pls
Good anticheats for CS 1.6 server?
No thank you, I turn it off, it spiked my CPU a lot and it kicked my friend who I know very sure that he did not cheat by a stupid reason "awp script detected". It kicked another one by connection pro...
Good anticheats for CS 1.6 server?
+1, exactly what I'm doing
Good anticheats for CS 1.6 server?
It did not work, it kicked non-cheaters too.
Good anticheats for CS 1.6 server?
I have nowhere to go because I'm managing a private CS 1.6 server for colleagues in my company. We used to have hack-free games but as more people join who I don't know very well, I recognized some of...
Good anticheats for CS 1.6 server?
Free pls, sad to hear no good free anticheats, I'm considering TimePass AntiCheat (, do u have any experiences with it?
Good anticheats for CS 1.6 server?
It's not free
Who will firstly beat NiP?
NiP invincible While guys are crying for the death of CS 1.6, NiP are dominating the CS:GO scene. When you stop crying that it is too late, NiP already builds a solid ground, ha ha ha ha.
How to pause a game?