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France vs Sweden: Who is the best country in Europe
you never came in south
This hurts me
its belgian from french part . and since they never played for a full belgian team . We can call them kinda french. All best player from belgium played in french team . Ex6tenz Scream nwk (on source...
This hurts me
you just had the chance t hat verygames didnt keep same line up of 2011 they would have NIP record and would continue to destroy . Hoping for Rpk's return the truly god of cs
when is titan gonna dispand?
Actually if there wasnt kqly's affair i would say that titan with Scream would be in top 4 teams with ldlc & fnatic & nip. With kqly it was if the team was on good day they crush ldlc if they don't t...
when is titan gonna dispand?
well you've got a replacement with a weaker player than kqly (iorek) you have still ex6 but still apex kennys carrying hard (3rd map with fnatic , OT vs ibuypower ) hum just ex6 throw things for t...
congrats ex6stenz
insane he saw 1 flash and left his perfect position by spraying like a tard in the smoke
LDLC Dreamhack Winter TRAILER
It's a very bad trailer !
#1 player of 2014?
nope , happy do everything for his team . Leading clutching making top action . whereas TItan put kennys on condition to frag ( wichs is far more easier ) . It'like FEED THE HYPER CARRY ! Happy is...
project_Kr is back
ITS CS ONLINE ( the crappy copy of 1.6 )
top5 after DHW?
remember when we place vp top 1 ? they place and rank lower than wha ldlc did this past 3 month but we still put them top 1 after katowice
Taz confimed next major in Katowice?
i hope it would be in france but for the god fucking SAKE NOT IN FUCKING PARISSSS !!!!! It's like cmon organise and event and if it's isnt in paris its like a fail for organiser it seems . I Mean Ie...
LDLC's manager
its Moman xd
french stereotype
in france there is baguette store in every village of france . but why the fuck they called us frog . Like i never saw someone who ate it in france maybe only in overpriced restaurant . but we dont f...
Epsilon +area?
Area is potentially the best player Potentially
Kioshima cheating?
best ratio kda at ESWC 2013?