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netherlands help
I lived in den haag for 3 months I can honestly say the best thing I got to try whilst being over in NL was Stroopwaffels, damn they are so fucking good. Also make sure you get yourself a OVA Chip-K...
I used to be like this, cut cost business models are doomed from the beginning you might as well label yourself a a $5 artist, it really undermines what you are able to actually do as a designer and b...
U.K. Scene
Your take on the problem is personal, I can get that. But it doesn't answer the question or solve the problem.
U.K. Scene
This question gets asked a lot: 1. Not enough players taking it seriously (investing time into a team instead of pugs and retakes) 2. Poor investment value - Not enough org's with money or spons...
I watched it, I thought it was ok but too weeb-oriented for me, if you are a basement dweller with a crush for kawaii-waiifu's this is definitely your thing.
I've traveled the world I can confirm the world is a pancake not a orange.
daily anime thread
Scooby doo > Mickey Mouse nigga
Latvia vs Montenegro
I can confirm. P R E L I D E N D O E S N O T L O S E C L U T C H E S. GL BRO.
Post your mouse name & settings!
Zowie ZA11 400Dpi 2.8 ingame m_raw_input 0
Orgles5 UK team
Yeah without a doubt. Beta was a good player in source with a lot of experience playing with pt, re1ease and rattlesnk but from what I know he just lost interest in playing csgo. But there's always mo...
Orgles5 UK team
Still playing, they replaced beta with mightymax and are currently playing in the UK Masters and a few online leagues etc...
How to quit smoking?
I'm literally the same here, I enjoy smoking but what I did to reduce the amount I smoked ( I used to smoke around 200g of rolling tobacco a month ) was switch to menthol and bought an E-cig vape thi...
Muricans > British pigfuckers
but he wished.
Muricans > British pigfuckers
pay your debts.
I just see it as no matter which way we go, Cameron will get what he wants - which will inevitably bury the poor and make the corporate companies and banks, richer. I'm voting to stay because of tr...