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NoobTubers vs Staff
-Mantrousse (still in bed) +NaToSaphiX just FYI
Fragbite Masters Season 3 LAN Highlights (60FPS/1080p)
Thanks! :) The songs are always in the descriptions, unfortunately the link to the actual song video is provided by Monstercat and they put a different one so you just have to type the songname on ...
CPLAY with TuGuX & nky
lol phil that picture :D
chrisJ insane frag (DreamHack Stockholm Qual)
LOL 10/10 :D
Mr. Tweeday VAC banned? There you go.
iBUYPOWER vs LunatiK That's me, get your shit together already - like really lol.
It's just bs that you think that way, the work and effort that goes in by him sorting/watching/collecting/recording and all that stuff exceeds probably your "5 minutes" by miles. He consistenly delive...
NiP's Katowice "ALLIN" movie out
Oh you :(
NiP's Katowice "ALLIN" movie out
I actually had that name before the Adidas campaign :P
Rofl its a joke mate :D
Top 10 Highlights of DreamHack Summer 2014
Yeah, agreed - i think the devs are working on the replays though (hopefully)
Classic semmler
After all there was no great individual play though on inferno except a decent 3 man by kucheR and a decent 3 man by markeloff - nothing Semmler would've been able to get excited about.
Classic semmler
Dosia didn't even get a 3 Killround thus far - in fact the only 4 man from HR's side was AdreN in an Anti-Eco on HellRaisers side. Just don't hate, rather appreciate the good job Semmler and the o...
When i play... 5
I bought these, the stuff i got in Huntsman Cases was max a normal Atomic Alloy FT - rest was just crap :/ Thanks
When i play... 5
Can i be your pet then?