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VAC Bans
Same with me. Just a way to make money. To get players to buy new accounts now and then....
I'm so excited
you shouldn't post on internet while you are having sex
NIP shit org?
show some respect please. LoL, CS, Dota, Tetris.... who cares? we are all gamers we should support each other. Yes NiP is a good organisation but they can not treat players like that no metter what ga...
top 5 support players
Fnatic Top1 Confirmed by kennyS.
A team is N1 if they prove they are the best on lan not online. NiP are the most consistent and dominant team on lan, just look at their history on lan.
Fnatic Top1 Confirmed by kennyS.
this +1
best possible french lineup?
scream is not even french wtf?
biggest cheaters thru time? CS 1.6/Go
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh1EfnOJ2tE if you think a little bit he isnt cheating: 0:18 (scene 1): he is looking at both T's coming from aley and from T connector. he cant see both sides wh...
biggest cheaters thru time? CS 1.6/Go
yes i see nothing there, i can explain every action he makes
knife era is over? xD
thank you :)
knife era is over? xD
thats a good point of view but any way its wasted money in my opinion :P
knife era is over? xD
i buy the game to play it and to have fun. my regular kitchen knife kills as much people as you fancy 100€ karambit.....
knife era is over? xD
i cant belive people actualy spend 30/40€ on piece of digital data
i agree with byali - f**k LDLC
no, how do you know who the money belongs to? and if some one tells you the money is his how do you know it is? you cant prove money is yours if some one founds it on the street so you just get it for...