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first thing that comes to mind when you think of Scottish people?
FlipSid3 vs PENTA
BEASTS vs fm-eSports
no stream or GOTV, took us 35mins to contact an admin to restart the knife and now whindanski's PC wont start so we need to use a standin xdxd
Finnish scene
Finnish scene
Finnish scene
UK > Finland
the admins said they spent 2hrs fixing the monitors - which is why they delayed the group stages for so long. all of the games they played were 144hz. I dont really understand why theyre calling the L...
UK > Finland
actually they fixed them and they had 144hz before the games started
MIXCAT (Roccat) in UK
sorry but that really doesnt matter, we've had to use managers to play in iseries group stages before and players like that should be able to stroll through the entire lan nevermind the fucking groups... vs PENTA
+1 jk ur a moron
Infused vs Choke
hahaahahahahaha nice alien head whindaski idiot #low
M4 balancing completely wrong
ok nice i will add it beside the suggestion of having airport bomb defusal map with helicapoter that is work
M4 balancing completely wrong
they do listen? i suggest the are maek the tank in ct spawn inferno be able to drive and it will be in the next update so stfu?
M4 balancing completely wrong
did ur mother not tell you if you cant handle the heat, stay out the kitchen? and that if u fuck with the bull u get the horns?? ok sry piszcek no toxik heff nice day!!