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Wouldn't you like to know, you creep.
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Why dota 2 is succesfull and CS:Go isnt.
Haha you guys! No use in replying to this guy! anabolic has been trolling in CSGO streams since its inception. He is pretty much number 1 CSGO hater around here. :P
I think fps scene in E-sports will die
Sorry I fail to see how does that affect you??? D:
Virtus.pro vs LDLC
Can anyone explain to me what is this guy saying? :P You know HLTVorg probably has biggest "users with bad english" percentage(including me :D) of the video games communities. Worst thing is nobody...
Lewis is lurppis from future?!
Does it matter? :D Idiotic(what do you mean by idiotic anyway? :\) or not those users played more csgo than lurppis.
Lewis is lurppis from future?!
Oh really? Are you saying he knows more about cs:GO than all hltvorg users combined? More than users who actually play the game? If that's true then I guess lurppis who can time travel also is. D:
Lewis is lurppis from future?!
sigh... you guys... Who cares if you agree with him or not! >:\ I was asking do you think it's possible that Richard Lewis is actually time-traveling lurppis? :O
Lewis is lurppis from future?!
Dammit I was sure my english was comprehensible! :( Please read my points again, I never implied that "Pointing out bad things = everyone is lurppis to his conclusion" But why are you insulting th...
Hey Get_Right! Could you ask f0rest to change his nickname to "His Majesty f0rest" for one tourney(or game) plz? PLZ PLZ PLZ!!! Pretty please with sugar on top? :3
I have no idea what botcoin is other than that it is bad. Why HLTVorg still not writing about this? Is it because lurppis always giving away free esea keys? Seriously seems like everyone else posted t...
GO's growth in viewership
hoho let's see if revilswow is gonna reply to this pheno's comment proving my point. :D
GO's growth in viewership
And you don't have to reply to those two(and a couple more)all the time :P Just ignore them I'm sure by this time you can easily recognize the haters :3
Whole community??? You do realize competitive player numbers are tiny compared to casuals right?
Navi top1-3 soon
I hope not! Surely CSGO gods won't allow this team of haters to win anything? You just don't trash the game for so long and except to become the greatest, right??? If there's justice in the world Navi...
The worst CS we could play!
YOU dare say that? Cause you're one of them who's in constant internet war with haters! All the time in every thread! If you want hltvorg to have better community you should start with yourself first....
The worst CS we could play!
You know what's worse than same people writing anti-csgo threads over and over again? It's the pro-csgo people replying to this kind of threads over and over again... Opinion is an opinion. Topic crea...