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i say hang him!
maybe you should not base your opinion about the game on twitch... PUBG has half more players than cs and it doesnt even have competitive scene yet...
well..he always has a chance in the start of the match and you have to tip your hat to him since no one has ever made more money from loosing than he has...and he spoke himself to that match..
Kick allu
i agree...only exit-frags and other useless impact what so ever. i say -allu and +fox!!!!
Guardian overrated
hhmm...could it be because with allu and kio they have like a 100 game samplesize and like 3 games with guardian and olof....and they are already getting close :D
Guardian overrated
how can that be?!...-allu was supposed to be the solution!! :(
Guardian overrated
thats what i was saying already when people were making -allu threads every day.
Jon Jones
so he broke the rules...and lost...just like in this excuses.
Jon Jones tests POSTTIVE for steroids AGAIN
what a fucking idiot...dont get me wrong i like to watch him and he obviously is pretty much the best p4p fighter...but wtf is it with these violations.Its just soooooooo stupid to make these same mis...
Plastic Gambit fans
i think its more like plastic NaVi begging him back,thats pathetic actually.if i was zeus i would never go back to those backstabbing traitors.
Plastic Gambit fans
i have loved the fact that they proved their skill when pretty much everyone doubted them...i like those kinda stories.And i also like their style and the players in the team.i instantly became a fan ...
Triggered allu
except that as faze has been doing very well in recent times excluding this major,allu has been playing againt better teams in better form...
allu depression
well..he took the blame for the whole team again it seems...they would have done so great and went 3-0 at the major but that damn allu fucked everything up......right?
Triggered allu
well this whole "bot allu" is just a doesnt mean anything when people just spam it and make threads like that after every missed shot.i can tell you already that no matter how much guardian ...
yea but after one loss it would be -allu all over again :P