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Most famous living person?
Finnish people call desert eagle "dessu". My name comes from the disney cartoon "goofy". Goofy is "Hessu Hopo" in finnish and i just turned it to Dessu Hopo...yeah i know...very funny :(
Most famous living person?
well,i would argue that Donald Trump is pretty god damn famous in the whole world.And when it comes to names i for one would not have known that if Elizabeth is I,II or III.
-allu +draken
what does that have to do with allu for example....or the fact that faze would need to replace him?
FaZe fix for #1
changing roster because #2 is a problem.... /facepalm
these 2 teams seem to play a lot of games lately
well its their loss if they choose shitters
once again we have an autistic FaZe focused thread.Theres nothing wrong with the team....unlike all the other teams excluding SK.
finnish hockey
[*] just came here to light a candle for Coach Marjamäki.
nicke knatterton look-alike!
Imagine Major right now
i would throw gambit and hellraisers in the mix too
new FaZe
wtf...they win a tournament and finish 2nd in next and you are trying to "fix" the team? hahahah
FaZe Maikelele
yes...he went there to try things out with liquid and was actually offered a contract. He didnt take it and prolly isnt regretting it at all if you look where he is now and where liquid is.
well i think you would make a pretty bad team manager if you would kick players from a team that just wins pretty much all the games.
Astralis vs NiP
its "almost" impossible to see NiP win anything big with this line-up.I dont usually bash players easily but im pretty certain that at least friberg needs to be removed and replaced with some other sw...
mentally weak people cant quit even if they want to....the addiction level is similar to tobacco and i smoked for 6 years (15-21) and then i just stopped cuz i felt it was stupid and waste of time.......