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New operation maps
Wow you're right, apparently the next operations maps got leaked. I had no idea. Nice to see Black Gold, Insertion and Agency returning if the leak is accurate. The other maps look interesting too but...
New operation maps link that works T_T
New Operation
How to put it?
Selling shit mountain bike $500 OBO (or best offer)
last time i checked there was still a lot of nip fans out there
IBP Throw - Facts you may not know
Regardless, in most countries if you are under the age of 16 when you commit a crime, those charges are dropped when you become and adult and do not follow you for the rest of your life.
IBP Throw - Facts you may not know
I feel the worst for swag, he wasn't even an adult at the time :(
IBP Throw - Facts you may not know
"huge some of money" they were paid with virtual in game items, which at the time valve hadn't even acknowledged as a currency. If valve did consider their skins a currency and banned the IBP players ...
Gfuel shit
Its a whisk, the shakers they give you are 12oz but they recommend between 12-16oz. I bought a 16oz bottle and it is way better, if im using the old shaker cup i just slam 4oz right away and add more ...
Gfuel shit
The bad flavours really do suck... I bought grape and green apple which i deeply regret. Blue ice is freaking AMAZING and watermelon is pretty fucking good too, wouldnt really recommend tropical rain ...
RLewis disrespectful
Richard Lewis: " Brazil cs fans are worst in esports" "what a disrespectful prick, causing offence to whole nation there are no bad nations, there are bad people..." Think u might wanna have a ...
My 17 y.o. cat died today :(
Sad to hear :( my cat is 21 and hes gettin pretty slow these days
Muad'Dib show us the way
I agree i like the csgo media that gets down on their knees and lets pros slide that d in the throat
i has bester jeans but you can get them too
bester genes