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What happened to North?
1. They got Cajun back but he's hasn't been on a high enough level for a few years now. They needed firepower but got a (now) mediocre player, though he has a lot of experience (probably why they sign...
Quake players > CS players
He abuses eyes man, like wtf
Your 1st pc
The first one i dont even know, but the second one was a Compaq Presario. Apparently it had 450 mhz
I r8 your bmi
If you don't understand in which context to use BMI, then sure, it's useless and "outdated". But that's on you not the index.
You put way to mich emphasis on "unknows". Let's be real ,ropz, frozen and woxic were/are some of the biggest talents on the scene. It's not like it's just some randomly good players. The astralis/t...
best whey protein
Was interesting to look up, but it's not exactly estrogen but phyto(plant)estrogen, that apparently act a little different: "The similarities, at molecular level, of an estrogen and a phytoestrogen al...
How would you fix north?
BlameF igl valde rifle kjærbye rifle acor awp Add any consistent danish player. Stavn, bubs, b0rup etc
55% of the population in France are antivaxxers
It's not. 55% say they see science and technology as a threat to local jobs in the next 5 years. The skepticism towards vaccines are 33% which is still the highest globally. If you actually cared to...
55% of the population in France are antivaxxers
So 33% not 55%. Still high though
Constipation theory
denmark come
Faxe Pilsner and Tuborg Classic is my favorite danish pilsners. It's nothing fancy, just a solid pilsner.
zonic's book
But Zeus has one major...
197cm - 95kg
If you dont train while in a caloric deficit, you body will also break down muscle. To negate this effect you should go to the gym, and try to get 100+ grams of protein a day. Just go for a smaller c...
higher education is a scam
What do you mean by scam? 😂