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american sanctions against Russia
Typical troll response. Can't argue with valid points? Use personal attack! Insult his/her English! Everyone knows who the real idiot is.
Tweeday's Movie Review
fnatic must be having a mini celebration right now. Not only that they beat NiP in the biggest competition in CS history, they also ruined NiP's movie and legacy. :p "A Shattered Dream" would've be...
Loord Interview
Great interview. Thank you mki and Loord :)
We can hardly have a decent discussion here on these days. :/ I applaud you sir for trying to bring something insightful/meaningful to the table instead of being a complete jerk like that ...
Best 1.6 players!
I still remember one of Lurppis' golden quotes. "smoke weed everyday... get cut from fnatic in a day"
Inconsistency, inconsistency, inconsistency...
I've been inconsistent for the longest time. Just like you, I can play like I'm possessed one day and be utterly garbage the next day. But that's mostly because I'm naturally bad at this game and I do...
cs go, noobs friendly game?
I actually agree with everything you stated. Sucks we can't have those back. But I wouldn't say CS:GO is beyond redemption yet. :s
cs go, noobs friendly game?
Noob friendly? Maybe. As long as you put hours into the game as much as you did in 1.6, I see no reason why you wouldn't get the edge over lesser skilled players as you once did in 1.6. If you ask ...
coL.n0thing joking with CSGO :D funny time!
Yeah, like what koarce said... makes sense why you didn't find it funny. You can't even read.
You're asking about Islam here on on a CS:GO subforum no less... and you expect to get a serious answer? Seems legit. Ask Mr. Google. Or simply ask your countryman Adil "ScreaM" Benrl...
-fif +dennis
Err... Smithzz, Ex6, NBK, and shox were all primary awpers at some point of their career in source. :\
Ex6TenZ quit?
VG losing Ex6 is like fnatic losing cArn. Hopefully it's not going to happen anytime soon. :\
I agree. Delpan is a pretty good choice for instant impact and short term success. But long term? I doubt so. Winning too much will demotivate him so fast and it's not even funny when that happens....
Are you being serious when you wrote that? Or your definition of "calm" differs from the norm? There are plenty of "calm players" in Sweden such as f0rest, Xizt, fifflaren, devilwalk, MODDII, pyth...
IMO, they have become too reliant on individual brilliance rather than working as a unit. In the past, they can do both with ease as other teams were still behind in terms of skill and tactics. Now th...