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Vote AfD
id rather have 5 million refugees who want to be part of german society than 1 million behaving like bad guests because they dont have a thing to live for
Vote AfD
my gosh i hope you guys are trolling. Nationalism NEVER is the answer. Histroy shows that since 4000 years.
Vote AfD
Troll detected. A person intelligent enough to use the internet can't be this closed-minded.
French football
+1 griezman >>> benzema nowadays
French football
france is among the top 4 at the em heard it here first
Gay guy in class AMA
whats the problem with beeing gay?
top 10 now
im not talking about the hltv ranking but on theire current performance
top 10 now
1. Luminosity 2. Fnatic 3. Navi 4. Astralis 5. VP 6. Liquid 7. NiP 8. Mouz/G2 9. G2/Mouz 10. Envy/CLG/Gambit/FaZe But i'd say the top 4 order depends on the teams form/bo-format/maps of th...
Thank you Gob b!
troll, guess, or actuall information behind?
Thank you Gob b!
true legend! i wonder why he isn't even coaching the mouz lu and who is going to do the calls now?
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
Germany >>>>> Ukraine in ww2
made my day
about Rambo.
Austrian pedophile who locked his kids in his basement and raped them for like 18 yrs or smth. Anyways, youre sitting right infront of your computer... Have you heard about Google?
99% of russkis bad?
Its not about wether the USA would give a fuck about the country, Obama said that He would be helping estonia if russia invades it. Now He has No choice but to actually help them. Otherwise he/america...
mousesports in 10 months
make that 160. Still he misses to many hrs to get to the very top. he might have a chance of beeing one of germanys top players if he continues playing this much for the next 10 months, doe