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Back to 2000s
Takes me two hours to download a .mp3 from napster
name a game you wish had an esports scene
Air Attack/Fighter Ace 1.5
Poland vs France
Yes Loord
football goals site
For top tier competitions I would suggest heading over to - they have match threads for most games and GIF's of the goals inside. vs fnatic
Because VP is the best train team in the world, have been for years.
VP > EnVy
Edit: Nvm.
Blade 37K !?!?! DTS.Chatrix times??
Messi, Ronaldo or Zlatan
Discuss what, to be honest there is nothing to discuss. Messi is the best, if you can't see it then you probably don't watch a lot of football.
OLD music HITS !!! 1968.. just imagine that. Epic.
I agree. It wasn't as much Chile taking Messi out of the game, it was more that Argentina took him out of the game. Messi didn't receive a SINGLE ball from his teammates until the 64th minute si...
NEO is amazing now!
I think Neo has been VP's best player ever since Katowice 2015. He has been playing great.
Oh right, they only won a tournament with the 5th largest prize pool CS:GO has ever had beating fnatic in the finals.. mkay then. Go check all the online leagues currently running, VP has pretty much ...
messi > CR7
Yeah almost nothing except for he contributed in ALL 3 goals, the cross on Alba, the good strike after 1-1 which Buffon couldn't help but just bounce off so Suarez could tuck it in, the pass to Neymar...