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Who supports kng?
been off for a few weeks.. what happened?
9 year ban for JOKING
you don't need to know someone... which backs up his point, guess you're a nasty piece of shit. but you're young, you'll learn. you'll reply to this now giving me abuse... but in ten years or so you'...
9 year ban for JOKING
spot on mate.
Apex busted
not even close... there was a point on inferno where I thought wtf
Only 5-10%! That's fucking loads lol 7million population so nearly 700000!? Wow
USA is third world country
just shows he's fucking stupid. 3rd world countries are based on those that remained neutral in the cold war... just so happened that most of them countries were poor. it's now basically an offensive ...
NiP, What is wrong with you?
lol you are far to out spoken on the subject.... you are definitely gay. the boy doth protest too much.
T2/3 final wtf ?!?!?!
Everyone saying these shouldn't be in the final. But if you've been watching you would have seen gambit and im have been playing great cs
Gambit Wasted Spot , PATHETIC
Silver alert lol That was well deserved win by them. Fucking hate these stupid dumb posts. How the fuck is that a wasted spot??
lol I guess you just MM'd with some?
VP will be Legend
1st, 2nd or 3rd world has fuck all do with wealth... you're 3rd world because your country was meek and sat on the fence during the cold war.
Wasted spots Cologne
makes no fucking sense. they all earned their place in the playoffs via group stages. how are any spots wasted? what, you would rather the teams that got knocked out in the group stages were the ones ...
Worst state in USA
the fuck does that even mean? and you're liking Detroit city to the state of Florida in size? it's far easier to sum up a city than an entire state...
Worst state in USA
bit of a silly question... each state is so fucking big that you're going to find good and bad in any of them... maybe it should be a question of cities? I've heard Detroit is quite bad? atleast it us...
ibp ban