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Buying a car in USA
I don't want to sound like a jerk but definitely do not buy that car. If you want to buy a Mustang, buy the V8. If not, just buy something sensible like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Camry. A V6 Mustan...
How is Usa/Trump bad?
... the ever elusive "you're"*. You're part of our problem (undereducation).
NA CROWD roflmao
Maybe just settle for making it so not every single thing in your country sucks.
US hockey
The difference is that Europeans care about and want to watch our sports/entertainment. We don't give a fuck what you're doing over there.
US hockey
Dude.. you're not embarrassed about that list?
Running water tastes delicious, in other news.
Good call, how are those Polish teams doing, bud? Still eating porridge? Sounds good, bitch.
You guys have to know how disparate and pathetic it makes you look to comment in this way. You probably don't, though. And that's why your countries will always be second class :).
Mad respect. What a game
I'll never dog someone for displaying poor English if it's their second language, but if you're gonna talk shit use grammarly or something, man. Sorry your team lost :).
I'm an American AMA
Agreed. For the most part high schools don't even have a varsity (school-paid uniforms, facility, coach, etc) hockey program, especially in the south and west. I imagine Minnesota might be the only ...
RIP Celtics
Yeah, I mean, they beat Washington fair and square but you gotta think the Wizards wouldve put up more of a fight than this.
USA serious question for you
If you're in an advantageous position (read: white+male), life is pretty easy for you. I can admit that, as being one. Employers are still biased and getting a good job is easy so your student loans...
compLexity vs Sippintea
Laffy used to play with friends of mine and got vac banned. looks like he took some time off and came back. not to say he is a cheater, was a nice kid, but was in fact vac banned a few years ago.
USA never won a war
If you don't realize that the net result of what those wars created greatly benefited the US, you're too dumb to know what a "win" is.
NA superteam
LOL, that was fucking great. Seriously, bravo.