n1nnx =D
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Has Wingman Overwatch?!!=!=!=
but i are
Cool tho, are the questions related to your cars?
San Francisco
Defenitely you have to take the bike, go to golden gate bridge, then ride a bike over to all the beaches (golden gate park beach) on west side of the city, you will see much more if you ride a bike. I...
spyleader VAC
nothing new, 50% of scenes is cheating :D
United Kingdom vs Slovenia
he might be 18, but hes fucked more girls than you at your 25 XD
United Kingdom vs Slovenia
he doesnt even go out of his room, how come would he come to the other country :D
United Kingdom vs Slovenia
who cares about online people :D my life is still better than yours will ever be :D i can atleast afford being cocky :D
United Kingdom vs Slovenia
wont even bother commenting your posts anymore :D i can see from your looks that youre retarded :D
United Kingdom vs Slovenia
we all know matafe and bustem should play :D so stfu :D both hugest autists in slovenia, maybe you're autist aswell and thats why u support them :)
Georgia vs Croatia
just stating the truth :) there are more better players like revvy, madbone etc :) but yeah, now its even 60/40 for georgia :D
Georgia vs Croatia
What the fuck is this lineup for croatia? :D i have no idea what are silvers like mario and nulum doing here? while croatia has more better players
well if you compare montenegro and croatia, montenegro has better beaches and better everything in terms of summer =D
Balkan FPL
there are many players who may deserve that actually, its not like you need to play it, having 7000 hours in csgo, and you still suck dick =D
KoN Denmark vs KoN Norway
why are these noobs representing norway in that kind of cups? :D
oskar vs XANTARES
oskar cheater yeah :D