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I don't think Lukashenko cares about EU countries threats. His aim is to stay by all possible means. There is a small chance of him getting ousted, but definitely not because of pressure from EU. "th...
"Your country is a shithole that cant do shit and has 0 influence in this world." Strongly disagree with the second part. How does Russia have 0 influence in this world?
Russian vaccine side effects
Tikitakan vs Nexus
No jews - no win
Belarus come
Is that all you have to say? I was expecting a more constructive reply. Anyway... When you ask for proofs, what kind of proofs are you expecting to see? TT copy? Swift copy? Yeah, right... We both kno...
Belarus come
I don't think I'm wrong and here are a few reasons to support my words: For Russia having business and other agreements with Lukashenko is not that easy. He is a friend, but not a puppet and not as ob...
Belarus come
If you had an idea of what is actually happening you wouldn't say so. Russia does not want him and it is Russia who is sponsoring most of the opposition in current elections.
I rate your wife
Was hot in her 20s :3 Big fan of her voice as well.
Your BMI
Positive Vibes Only vs Chaos
Damn, was hoping that it is the League of Legends sneaky 😥
BIG vs Endpoint
s1mple unbanned
Lately? Twitch has been acting weird ever since it was purchased by amazon. It just getting worse day by day.
Lebanon aftermath video
0/8 🤡🤡🤡
Lebanon aftermath video
what the fuck are you talking about, this video is not even from lebanon. The cars have US plates and also this video was uploaded on 7th of April
144hz upgrade
Got for it