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best 500-600$ windows/pcs? Intel non K build if you don't plan on overclocking.
Dust2 Remake Showcase
I'm glad they didn't alter the most popular map in CS history. I kinda wish it had cleaner, simpler textures cause it kinda looks noisy.
FaZe Era?
is this the beginning of the end for you? i hope so.
s1mple ruins every team
overrated asf.
s1mple ruins every team
kNg has one good event, he should be compared to s1mple who's been shitting on everything for years. good logic
kick edward and seized
kick el1teman....from bout dah
Brazil > NA
Better BMI average
greatest awper all of time
CS:GO/CS:S - kennys, guardian CS 1.6 - markeloff, fRod
"VAC is a bad anti cheat"
Whatever Blizzard is using. Their games rarely have cheaters. I've never came across one in WoW, HoTs, or Overwatch...
how to get a girlfriend Ask this guy
Brazil is great
SK Neymar Multiple world cups Women with booty Brasilian wax Need I say more..
KNG didnt deserve the kick for a "death threat" BUT....
nobody cares if he's partying. The problem was that they were late to a match which costs $$$ for event planners and screws over viewers. In a growing industry like esports, can't afford to have stu...
i7 or ryzen
no you are literally trolling. that's your name
99% of people on hltv never played 1.6 at a decent level to have a valid opinion. ftfy. Couple of newfags here played 1.6 for an hour yesterday and think they mastered it lol.
If you think deagle is more consistent in CS:GO than 1.6....then that pretty much sums up how noob you were in 1.6. deagles were practically the weapon of choice for save rounds. 7 bullets with good...