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Cloud9 Swag Crosshair
Most overrated movie ever you see
Batman Begins and TDK seemed carefully planned and thought out properly. Dark Knight Rises feels rushed and half assed. Things that messed it up: 1. Gordon sending all the cops underground to go a...
Most overrated movie ever you see
The Dark Knight Rises
Grow old alone
you can have medicine delivered to you. you can have life alarm if you have a heart attack. also by that time, technology and medicine will have advanced quite far to make your life more comfortab...
no displayports on benq??? shhhhhhhhhtt, good info
Lurpis vs Females
Players in professional orgs- So men gotta watch what they say on social media for PR reasons. Do females not have to follow such rules?
Navi retarded
Navi retarded
navi is the past bro mouz is now unleashed with -niko +ropz. get ready for a German awakening.
Stop saying -s1mple
the biggest mistake they made was cutting zeus. just another example that a frag monster doesn't always work in the long run.
Cs:Go compared to NBA basketball
more like NiP 2012-2014 = Jordan's Bulls (unbeatable)
ropz to Na'Vi
I don't watch CS matches anymore but seeing people suggest a newcomer replace GuardiaN in Navi is alarming. Did he fall off that bad or is it cause of s1mple?
perfect settings cs go
[BOLD]Optimal settings for a average joe:[/BOLD] -Native resolution (1920 x 1080) or lower if fps gain is significant -800 DPI (avoids pixel skipping for most sensitivities, you can use 400 if sensi...
Thorin North
Didn't Thorin consider these guys as the best team in the world a few months ago? What a hypocrit.
Hiko on Kqly and brax
ok, tell me why a pro would cheat in a match making game? KQLY did receive sticker money, please read the previous posts. He was playing on LDLC during ESL One Cologne 2014 and EMS 2014. Where ...