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the NEO of CS:GO
6 years being #1 > 1 year of being #1
This is why KennyS is the best awper ever touched cs...
I bet most high level ESEA/FaceIt awpers are just as fast. The thing that makes KennyS one the best is his decision making, not how fast his reaction time is.
s1mple magic gone?
he dominated 2018 with the same mouse, mousepad, and crosshair. why change? one mediocre event?
Liquid era
Top 1. Lol at the "b--b-b-b-b-but no major !" plebs. Yall don't know shit about competition. Liquid top team at the moment.
He's just naturally talented at FPS games. Probably the most naturally talented player in CS:GO right now.
top10 aimers in CSGO history
gotta be shox, scream, f0rest, s1mple, & niko
great, now imagine s1mple trying to us niko's sens. he'd would never get any of his flicks.
https://www.hltv.org/news/26973/team-ranking-may-2019 https://www.eslgaming.com/worldranking/csgo#/
How to check trust-factor level in csgo?
For me so far whenever I curb stomp the other team and get reported to oblivion for hacking I would end up getting curb stomped next game by hackers. Rinse and repeat.
low sens players come here!
everything below 3.4 @ 400dpi is low aka under 1 ft/360. yall shakey punks don't have the dexerity for high sens.
MOST NEEDED update for CS:GO
i respect your opinion
EU = obesity
good food is good life
MOST NEEDED update for CS:GO
no it's not, you're the 0.0001% that thinks this.