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[AMA] Went to sweden
fox is fake no swedes like it, us swedes nr. 1 song is boten anna -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7EQaNlsEFs
[AMA] Went to sweden
I'm from sweden, we just had a Portugese school visit us. Ask me anything.
Most Hated Pro
Joelz is pretty fucking hated, but i don't know if you'd consider him pro.
N0thing - He did it again
Damn i hate you.
NiP bankrupt
Hey stupid boy if it's so easy, tell me why after i've downloaded it onto a USB, after i've booted "UEFI Generic Flash Drive" it still doesn't work? Ohh i see you got butt hurt be cause you are a...
NiP bankrupt
Also, It's pretty normal for gamers to have both a PC and a laptop...
NiP bankrupt
I already have it on an USB, so i start the PC, press F8 boot "UEFI: Generic Flashdrive", which is where i have my windows program on, but nothing happens....
NiP bankrupt
What mouse ?
Since you have to ask you're probably not that much into stuff like this, therefore take the ec1, no driver needed not a lot of options and configurations needed, just plug it in, and play.
Pinnacle Sports help betting
Had it on asian, thanks.
Pinnacle Sports help betting
What do you mean? Can you find it in there?
NIP Addressing the rumours regarding player payments
You can't argue that journalism works one way, since it all depends on the journalists character.
NIP Addressing the rumours regarding player payments
Not true, he hears a rumour he reacts EVERYTIME he is right sometimes, and wrong other times.
2-1 to NiP 16-14 on last map, i called it first
NIP Addressing the rumours regarding player payments
Richard Lewis seems to not do his research properly.