If your given answer was build upon the base of an assumption, be prepared for it to get shattered and fall. The nature and value of an idea are completely nullified by the factor that determines its truthness. It simply doesn't matter how tight the strings are if you're up to the point in which all arguments are dispelled - it means that you were wrong. However, a lost debate is not represented by the feeling of shame even if we indeed feel in that way which is completely wrong and unrealistic. You cannot know everything as you cannot see the entire world even from the up top of the tallest mountain, but, there's always free space for lecture and improvement.

The same rules apply to the game we all know and love - CS:GO.
For example, being alone in the opposite direction of your dying team can be treated as a heroic gesture if the action itself will bring up the victory.
The game itself cannot be reduced to a simplicity level in which AIM and FRAGS are everything. Besides the things we know and see there are other important factors that shapes the teams and as a result, the outcome of a match. This reason alone is almost enough to make you think twice before calling "cheats" when the unexplainable happens.

Always state your unproved ideas as an opinion using the terminology "in my personal opinion". The reason behind this well intended request is represented by the wish of not spreading false information towards other users. It is your opinion only and it should be stated as such do to the fact that the possibility for your opinion to be false is real and plausible.

Whatever the nature of your visit, I'll thank you for clicking my profile.
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