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Richard Lewis quits
Richard Lewis quits
l0l m4d. 1. Maybe poor kids with 13" crts still think this is a nice design. 2. lol look at the news. 3. I wasn't generalizing. 4. lol mad
The Reason behind kicing KennyS from VeryGames
You should've quoted the interview from Verygames' own site, now you just get "lol cadred" replies.
I like the new Mirage! Do you? (CS:GO)
I like the new Mirage! Do you? (CS:GO)
love it when people throw in the argument of people being "unable to adapt" or the "sake of disliking". You combined them, congratulations, you're an über tard.
Richard Lewis quits
Richard Lewis quits
"Just as half of your Cadred users" I'm not part of Cadred nor do I actually visit it often.
Richard Lewis quits
http://google.com doh!
Richard Lewis quits
Wait what, "shine"? Really? Your site looks shit (Cadred too but less shit than this 1995 design), your news is of poor quality and the site is filled with retards (of whom are mostly from Eastern ...
Islam 2
Is it? Guessed they were burned alive because they were homosexuals.
ChrisJ using hack? or what hack
people mad as fuck
Islam 2
Yeah if next time you'd tell what the video was aout that'd be great.
Best rapper in your country?
Steen & Spinal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvb2U9uZESA
Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans
Yeah letting someone go that is having a bad influence on team is a rookie mistake. I like your thinking
Why do you not like or hate Valve's Mirage?
not at all rofl