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it was real and it was fun, but it wasn't really fun.
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s1mple to join Na'Vi
considering how much he respects GuardiaN this could work out for s1mple and for Na'Vi.
TOP 10 NA players ATM
.... CLG are 3-8 in the last 3 weeks (ECS) and are dogshit and TL just went 0-6 in eLeague. Yet there are 4/10 players in there from those 2 teams respectfully. If we're talking "atm" then none of ...
TOP 10 NA players ATM
CLG has been ass lately yet you have JDM and Tarik as 1 and 2. Stewie has been the most consistent player on C9 lately but you have Skadoodle over him. n0thing had 1 great series at eLeague and ...
Make america great again!
TL -koosta +sgares = NA last hope
Just had 104 score in matchmaking
only a gold nova would refer to his games with "points" and not the amount of kills/kdr/etc
German said no scener mouz = 3 germans, 1 belkan, 1 dutch rest of german scene = tier 53 coincidence the 2 best players on the roster are non german too? hahahahahahahahahahaha
Post a pic of yourself :)
Fnatic won MLG Columbus 2016
agreed. They had a ton of momentum going into Cluj too. Only to get knocked out in the quarter finals.
A) This is good for Europeans B) This is OK for Eastern NA C) This sucks for Western NA If you live in C) I suggest to move to B) or A)
was NEO 1.6 the best CS player to ever grace the universe ?
Debatable amongst fanboys between him and f0rest. But his movement was without doubt the best ever seen, holy fucking nerd chills.
fnatic lowest sens team
GuardiaN plays on 1.2-1.3 @ 400dpi cya
Definition of GAY
Sweden Kappa
How much?
hen1 VAC banned
gottem coach
week with 2 pros
Like am I spending 2 weeks playing games with pros or just chilling out or what? If it's just playing games: pasha and neo, feel I could learn a lot of CS from them. If it's just chillin out: n0...